NASA & CSS 1-to-1

Software Requirements

Provided as part of enrollment in the NaSA/CSS Programs

Computer Requirement

Students accepted into the Network and System Administration or Customer Support Specialist programs are required to have their own personal laptop computer, and a 500GB minimum USB 3.0 or better external hard drive (SSD preferred). The computer and hard drive must be ready to use by the first day of class. Be aware that ALL of the software programs we use, teach, and specify are Windows-based so a Windows based machine is required. If you already have access to a laptop that you think would meet the minimum specifications listed below, an evaluation of the system specifications will need to be done by NaSA/CSS faculty, or EagleTech staff for approval to use as a substitution to this requirement.

Please see below for optional Ram Upgrade Kit and installation instructions.

This device can be purchased from EagleShop HERE

Dell G15-5530
Dell G15-5530 image

Processor: Intel Core i7
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce RTX4060
Storage: 1TB SSD
OS: Windows 11
Display: 15" 1080p 165Hz
Connectivity: WiFi 6 and Bluetooth

Dell G15 RAM Upgrade Kit

This kit can be purchased from EagleShop HERE

G15 Memory Upgrade Kit image

2x16GB RAM Sticks
1 Anti-Static Wrist Strap
1 Driver Kit
1 Opening Tool

Installation Instructions:

How to use an Anti-Static Wrist Strap
How to install new RAM sticks