Interior Design 1-to-1

Software Requirements

Some software may require additional purchase.

20/20 Design
Sketchup Pro
Adobe CC Suite
iRender nXt
Twilight Render v2
AutoDesk Architecture 2020
AutoDesk Raster Design 2020
AutoDesk Revit 2020
CET Designer
Chief Architect

Computer Requirement

Students accepted into the Interior Design program are required to have their own personal laptop computer, mouse, external back-up hard drive, and required software as listed in the document below. The computer and other equipment must be ready to use by the first day of class. Be aware that ALL of the software programs we use, teach, and specify are Windows-based. Any problems arising from formatting or running programs on Windows for Mac (Apple) and subsequent interfaces such as Boot Camp or Parallels are solely the responsibility of the student.

This device can be purchased from EagleShop HERE

Dell G15-5511
Dell G15-5511 image

Processor: Intel Octacore i7-11800H
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060
Storage: 1TB SSD
OS: Windows 10 or 11
Display: 15" 1080p 165Hz
Connectivity: WiFi 6 and Bluetooth