If you need tech assistance, please CLICK HERE to book an appointment with a technician or call EagleTech at 319-398-5415.


EagleTech offers 30 minutes of free technical service. This includes troubleshooting, diagnostics, tutorials, and short software installs (e.g. Office 365). After that 30 minutes, devices may need to be checked in for further service diagnosis or repair. Checked in devices may be subject to a minimum service charge of $65 at the discretion of the technician. This price does not include the price of parts or other services that may need to be added on.


EagleTech End User Agreement:

EagleTech is not responsible for data loss. Customers are encouraged to back up their data prior to service.

EagleTech is not responsible for additional hardware or software problems that may occur during repair. Although rare, when fixing an issue, additional issues may be discovered. Repair of additional issues will be at the customer’s expense.

The average repair time is 3 to 5 business days, but may vary due to high volume, part shortages, or extensive diagnostics.

EagleTech will dispose of systems not picked up within 60 days after notification of completed repair.