If you'd like to sell your books back online, CLICK HERE.

 We buy textbooks back on behalf of a used textbook wholesale company and they set the value of your book.

Buyback FAQ

What is my book worth?
You can check out the 
wholesale website and check out the pricing. Hint: End-of-semester buys give you the best opportunity to get the most cash back!

Where are the on-site sellbacks located?
Cedar Rapids Main Campus: 1st floor Benton Hall (Right outside the Bookstore in the hallway).
Iowa City Campus: Right outside the Bookstore in the hallway.

What do I need to sell my book back on-site?
You are required to present your EagleCard at the sellback counter

What are the terms and conditions of onsite sellback?
- Books must be in reusable condition. If they are not, we may not be able to buy them back.
- Buyback operates on first-come, first-served basis. The quantity bought back is limited and may be reached at anytime.
The price paid during buyback is subject to change without notice.