The deadline for returning Spring Semester books has been extended to June 19.

Your options for return for Spring Semester:


·      Return them to a Kirkwood Library drop box at the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City Campus.  Please insert one of these return sheets inside the front cover of each book.  Rental Return Slip (.pdf)


·      Return them to our curbside table outside Benton Hall on Main Campus on May 18 or 19 from 10am to 3pm. Please insert one of these return sheets inside the front cover of each bookRental Return Slip (.pdf)

·      If you are not in the Cedar Rapids or Iowa City area and need to ship your books, click this link to print a shipping label and drop them at any US Post Office.  Please insert one of these return sheets inside the front cover of each bookRental Return Slip (.pdf)

  *Paperback books may be shipped in a padded envelope.

  *Hardcover books, or multiple books, must be shipped in a cardboard box

RMA number = K-number


If your book is lost or damaged, you can purchase it for less than the replacement cost.  We can take care of that when the store reopens. If you have questions about your rental books, email is the best way to reach us:


Lee Ann Grimley
Kirkwood Bookstore
Kirkwood Bookstore | 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW | Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 |
P (319) 398-4999  F (319) 398-5547


Spring 2020 FAQs

  • How do I get my books ready for RENTAL RETURN?  If it is a bound book (not looseleaf), print and fill out the RENTAL RETURN  SLIP Rental Return Slip (.pdf) and place one copy into EACH book you are returning.


  • What if I don't have a PRINTER for the Rental Book Return Information Slip?   If you don't have a printer, please write the same information on a piece of paper and put one copy of that in EACH book you are returning.  NAME, K#, Phone#

  • Where are the DROP BOX Locations for the Library?  The Main Campus Library Drop Box is located near Linn Hall, in the Parking Area between Linn and Benton Halls.  The Iowa City Campus Library Drop Box is located across from the Rear Main Entrance between the building and the parking lot.  Look for a BLUE BOX!

Main Campus Boxes.    Main Campus Boxes

Iowa City Campus.    Iowa City Campus


  • How do I return a LOOSELEAF textbook?  If you have a Looseleaf Book to return in the DROP BOX, place your Rental Return Slip (Name, K#, Phone#) on the top and then try one of these options:  put it in a large envelope - place 2 rubberbands around it - leave it in a 3-ring binder - tie it securely in a small shopping bag.

  • I decided I want to KEEP my rented book.  How do I purchase it and not get charged for not returning it?  Those types of modifications are done in the store, with campus being closed, we are  working on a new process for that.  In the meantime we will put your name on a list, please contact Lee Ann Grimley -


For additional information regarding our Book Rental Policies, visit our main Rental page HERE